Mike and Joni aspire to become film makers:

Brid putting some of Jerrys ashes in the Green river before the 2008 baddle. Afterwards we all floated flowers down stream in his memory.


In the midst of the Baddle


The Baddle ground. I don’t have final numbers, but I know we took in more than $10,000 for ALS and the Green River Access fund.


An afternoon hike into Bonas Defeat confirms that Earl is a tourist dog – NOT an adventure dog. He prefers a mulched path.

and lastly…


The Hillys first gig. We weren’t perfect, but we’re the only ones who know that for sure.


Like I talked about in Overlooked Pigeons, I have been trying to be a better receiver of gifts. I’m trying to allow myself to be more open to receiving and to let my appreciation be known. Lately I’ve been very lucky to have received some tickets to Merlefest from my cousin David and invitations to camp on-site from Brad and Sarah asĀ  well as Kate. I had planned to stay home and work on the house and bike over the weekend, but how do you turn down an offer like that? So I rode out on Deseo, the Motorcycle, and camped off her for the first time. I had everything I needed (but I really didn’t need more that a tooth brush and a tent) and the weekend came off great despite a good bit of rain. Levon Helm was hands down one of the best shows I’ve seen in a while. I’ll post a link to it once the Merlfest site posts the audio.

Heres Sarah helping Georgia get into the Merlefest spirit:


monkey bassSo I have my step brother-in-law Gabes’ 1950′s Kay upright and I’ve been learning to play it. I traded him use of my Juan Roberto resinator guitar for use of his bass. I’ve put a new bridge and strings on it and I’m still working on dialing in the action. I need to talk him into selling it to me. We’ll see how that one goes…

I’ve been taking lessons and playing with The Hillys. They’re realy good folks from New Hampshire that have made a choice to live very simply and enjoy as much as possible. I’m not playing on the songs they have posted, but will try and post some of us as soon as I get a good recording.