March 2008

I used to be fluent in Water. Words in the form of paddle strokes rolled off my tongue without a thought and I would write epics in an afternoon. This past weekend I got out on two of my favorite creeks; Big Creek and the Watauga. It was interesting. As a result of not being in my boat for so long I’d lost my timing. I could still stumble through, but I wasn’t singing, and because of this I got rolled 4 times often missing my roll on the first try. I’ll get it back, but its gonna take some time on the water.

Even more interesting was the role reversal. While seldom a leader on the river, I was used to being totally comfortable on most water. I aways felt that if the shit hit the fan, I could be counted on to be there and help with the rescue. Implicit in this is the fact that it wouldn’t be me needing rescue. This weekend I wasn’t just the last one through, this past weekend I was following – and theres a difference.

Everyone gets a turn and folks that I’d once led down things were now leading me. Its humbling and I am blessed to have good friends that back me up – thanks yall!

midnight hole boof

Like an annoying old friend that you’re glad to see, the pains back. Its that tired muscle ache in the back and shoulders and I love it. I’m physically tired in a way I haven’t been in a long time. I was last in my boat back in November for Gauley. Today it was warm and sunny and there was natural flow and I was excited to paddle. I texted a few folks I knew, but no takers, so I drove out to Big Creek on my own. I’m really glad I did. As it turned out there were a handful of folks there and I knew most of them, so hooking up with someone to paddle with was easy. Drew from Memphis arrived about the same time I did and we hiked up to just below Action Alley. Above AA the river is a little harder, and I was feeling sketchy about getting off the couch and onto something as challenging as this. I was kind of shaky at first and had to roll about 3 times, but what a day. Now I’m sun burnt beat and happy.

Acme motorcycles had a dual sport ride last week – lots of fun, met some folks and got to see a few new places.

lunch on the ADV ride

On the way we stopped to see Mike, Danya and Sage

mike and Sage

You just never know what you’ll run into. You just gotta get out there and get in opportunity’s way. And always have a camera at the ready. As well a wrench.

Spa Girls