March 2009


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This weekend I went to a bullfight in Irapuato Mexico. We saw five matches and I hate to say it but I liked it. It was ritualized and majestic bloodsport. Roman.

After the match we had a beer in one of the tents and watched everyone stream out. A guy with with a shock-box asked us if we wanted to play. We passed but the table next to us said yes. The object is to all hold hands and then two people grab what look like metal jump-rope ends. The guy with the box starts turning up the juice. First one to let go looses.

I could hear the testosterone sizzling.



Go to a Mexican basebell game. Keep your eye on the ball, cause the fouls come flying in fast and hard and if you aren’t quick enough the ride to the hospital is long and slow. There were two close calls in the stands and three players beaned in our 9 innings.


Drink rooftop beers while watching the moon rise over the city.


Stroll the laberinth of tunnels under the town.


Go to a roof-top BBQ above a mescal bar in Valenciana. Cuidado con mescal. Es suave y fuerte….


Or listen to a little Bach played on violin and cello in a dive bar on a Sunday night.

Girl selling silver in the Jardin de Union

Girl selling silver in the Jardin de Union


Old man in Plaza San Francisco

Old man in Plaza San Francisco

My publics been clamoring for some new posts. I’m in school and not much is going on, so here’s some recent photos: