August 2010


The Road -


Some more pics from Cape Breton. Click to make ‘em bigger!


Me and Ms. Trixie


Twisty roads… shame they were all paved.


Just south of a town called Cheticamp there were about 100 people all standing in a semi-circle. I though it was a concert or maybe church of some kind. I had to stop. Turns out it was a scare crow farm…


More boring road shots


Mountains on the interior of the Cape


The geek and the whale


And the road rolled on….


I call this one Cleat with Stone and Sea Weed


The end of another day. I looped half the island on the Cabot Trail and made it back to Upper Gulf Shore on the mainland. Camped on the beach. Too many miles and not enough time to drink it in.

More tomorrow.

So I’m dusting off the blog. I figured it was OK since I’m posting pictures from another motorcycle trip. This one is Asheville to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

Here’s the map of the ride.

And pictures with minimal words. Click the images to see them full size:

I left Asheville in a rain storm that followed me for about three days.  Oddly, I never had to pack up in the rain… musta been my good karma working for me. I didn’t start taking pictures till I got to Camden, Maine. Here’s my camp just before it started raining. Again.
Motorcycle Camping in Camden State Park

I was trying to work while traveling and libraries were a great place to get free internet and not feel like you were taking up space while not consuming enough from the coffee shop. The library in Camden was REALLY nice. I sat in there working and pretending I was at my rich uncles summer home.

Here’s a view from the library window:

veiw from library, Camden Maone

From Camden I kept heading North, to Deer Isle where Maria was taking a workshop at Haystack. We found a great Hostle on the isle. Dennis built it all – from harvesting the timber, to the granite foundation and post-and beam structure. The building is based on a Dutch style from the 1680′s. I was in awe of the woodwork. It was totally off the grid with solar panels, water was hauled from a spring and the toilet was of the composting type. Dennis was working on a wood-fired hot tub while we were there.

deer isle hostle

Deer Isle Hostle

Inside Deer isle Hostle

The kitchen

Joined beams, Deer Isle hostle

Check out the joinery!

Deer Isle Hostel

Maria and Dennis


The Evolution of Wheeled Carts


I named the V Strom while on this trip – Miss Trixie, ’cause shes a bit of a road whore that loves to be ridden hard. Average of 80 mph on the highways and responsive as all get-out – in contrast to the more philosophical KLR, Deseao. She has a cruising speed of about 60 mph.

lobster dinner

Can’t go to Maine in July without eating in a Lobster Pound.


Whats a lobster pound? This. Wood fired. Good.


or a visit with my people.

From Deer Isle I went up to Bar harbor where my brother in law, a painter, was having a show.


Joel painting the the Steeles Gallery


Kayaking with my sister Denise in Acadia National Park.

Some artsy photos:





That night the Steeles put me up and feed me a fine repast.


Dinner with the Steeles

From Bar Harbor it was a full day to Nova Scotia


The end of a really long day.


Camp in Caribou Provincial Park.


The beginning of the Cabot trail in Cape Breton.


View on the Cabot Trail.


More views from the trail.

Ok… Thats enough for tonight. More later.