Old man in Plaza San Francisco

Old man in Plaza San Francisco

My publics been clamoring for some new posts. I’m in school and not much is going on, so here’s some recent photos:








This weekend I visited the infamous Mummy Museum in Guanajuato. The inhabitants weren’t so much real Mummies as they were dessicated corpses. It seems that when they died they didn’t have the money to secure themselves a resting place into perpetuity, but could afford five years. After that five years, if no one claimed the body there was the problem of what to do with it. Why not put it on display and charge 50 pesos to see it?

There were bodies from the 1800′s and one from 1972, infants, adults, doctors and fat ladies. It was undignified, voyeristic and I couldn’t look away. I even took pictures. Heres the gallery: Mummies


original illustration of Archy

In posting this I remembered a poem from a book published in the 1920′s called Archy and Mehitabel. If I remember right, it was written by Archy, a roach that lived at the Chicago Sun Times. At night he would throw himself on the keys of the typewriter and in the morning the editor would find these musings. Heres an inside look at the musings of a real Mummy:

boss i went
and interviewed the mummy
of the egyptian pharaoh
in the metropolitan museum
as you bade me to do

what ho
my regal leatherface
says i

little scatter footed
says he

kingly has been
says i
what was your ambition
when you had any

and journalistic insect
says the royal crackling
in my tender prime
i was too dignified
to have anything as vulgar
as ambition
the ra ra boys
in the seti set
were too haughty
to be ambitious
we used to spend our time
feeding the ibises
and ordering
pyramids sent home to try on
but if i had my life
to live over again
i would give dignity
the regal razz
and hire myself out
to work in a brewery

old tan and tarry
says i
i detect in your speech
the overtones
of melancholy

yes i am sad
says the majestic mackerel
i am as sad
as the song
of a soudanese jackal
who is wailing for the blood red
moon he cannot reach and rip

on what are you brooding
with such a wistful
there in the silences
confide in me
my imperial pretzel
says i

i brood on beer
my scampering whiffle snoot
on beer says he

my sympathies
are with your royal
dryness says i

my little pest
says he
you must be respectful
in the presence
of a mighty desolation
little archy
forty centuries of thirst
look down upon you oh by isis
and by osiris
says the princely raisin
and by pish and phthush and phthah
by the sacred book perembru
and all the gods
that rule from the upper
cataract of the nile
to the delta of the duodenum
i am dry
i am as dry
as the next morning mouth
of a dissipated desert
as dry as the hoofs
of the camels of timbuctoo
little fussy face
i am as dry as the heart
of a sand storm
at high noon in hell
i have been lying here
and there
for four thousand years
with silicon in my esophagus
and gravel in my gizzard
of beer

divine drouth
says i
imperial fritter
continue to think
there is no law against
that in this country
old salt codfish
if you keep quiet about it
not yet

what country is this
asks the poor prune

my reverend juicelessness
this is a beerless country
says i

well well said the royal
my political opponents back home
always maintained
that i would wind up in hell
and it seems they had the right dope

and with these hopeless words
the unfortunate residuum
gave a great cough of despair
and turned to dust and debris
right in my face
it being the only time
i ever actually saw anybody
put the cough
into sarcophagus

dear boss as i scurry about
i hear of a great many
tragedies in our midsts
personally i yearn
for some dear friend to pass over
and leave to me
a boot legacy
yours for the second coming
of gambrinus










This ones for Gabe and all you other grillin’ Ashevillans


Corn on Stick Mexico City style

You’ll need:

  • Grilled corn
  • Mayonnaise (yes, you can sub butter, but then it really wouldn’t be Mexico City Style, and if you do, use a lot. It’s gotta make the crumbled cheese stick)
  • Crumbled up Mexican crumbling cheese (I’ve seen it in most grocery stores)
  • A smokey chili powder. I’d recommend either using Gabes home made version (link), or at least pulverizing some dry chipotles and adding that to your favorite commercial chili powder for some extra snap and smoke
  • Limes

First, put your corn on a stick. I’d think that goes without saying, but this for my brother-in-law Gabe, so I better error on the side of caution.

Next, paint that grilled ear with a thin coat of mayonnaise.

Spoon tons of the crumbled cheese onto the corn. Do this over the bowl so all of it that doesn’t stick can be reused. (Its a BBQ, who cares!)

Shake a healthy dusting of the chili powder over it

And finally, squeeze a lime over it.

There you have it, Mexico City corn on a stick. For some reason I see the kids licking it like a cheese lolly-pop and going back for more…

More time in the historic center. We took a tour of the bell tower in the cathedral and I got a little artsy with the camera.


And in the Viceroys  old palace they house this little gem. General Antonio López de Santa Anna’s wodden leg:


Click for the full gallery of photos including the bells.


I’ve been in Mexico City for about a day and a half and the its been a pleasant surprise. I think I expected urban squalor, and I’m sure I could find it if I looked, but instead I’ve found a great public transport system, interesting museums and a historic center that wowed me as I came up out of the subway.

I’ve split the photos into two groups, sculptures that I’ve found interesting


and photos from around the city.



This boat is just floating in the harbor. My spanish isn’t great, but I think Pedro said it’s the one taking the bikes to Mexico.


Killing time in the hostel while the the strikers strike. Over Mikes shoulder you can see the docks. At about 2 pm I gave up and cracked a beer. As the foam settled, I looked over the top of the glass and saw a crane moving on the dock! The strike had ended. And to his credit, about a half hour later, Dishonest Pedro called and told us to be at the dock at 3.


And we were at the dock on time. And we stood around waiting for about three hours for permission to load the bikes. Once we had the OK, we started pulling them into the container and sorting things out. I could piss and moan about how Perdos team only had one strap per bike and couldn’t tie a knot to save their lives, or about how he kept looking at his watch like we were taking too much if his after he’s kept us here for something like ten days. But I’m going to rise about that urge and just say that I’m glad the container is packed and that I was there to tie everything in.


The bikes all packed in the container-


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