In Nicaragua Azteca Hotel in San Jorge on side of Lago Nicaragua. San Jorge is one of the two town where you can take the both to go on the Island ine the center of Lago Nicaragua wich have an active Volcano on. The lake is the larger soft (salt!) water lake of the world ! Beautiful. The hotel is…. wow ! We have such great time there. If you go and you see the little Sharon the little girl of one of the roommaker take a picture of her for me please, i fell in love with her. We both cried when I left. Its a small place with around ten unit, a nice pool, you eat weel and we paid around 120$ for 5 days, tree meals a day, beer and Flor de Cana (Rum de Nicaragua) and the room. The owners are two canadian (from Québec like us) and a belgian woman and they are really really nice. In San Jorge you can easily find the azteca by asking people.
In Nicaragua too San Juan del sur is a beautiful place where we did not spend enought time. A reggae town on the border of a bay in a clear blue sea it’s beautiful !