Per D-Mama:

The hike was down Volcan Baru which is located in the Chiriqui province of Pamana.  At the bottom of the hike is Boquete, which was the town we went to for food, email etc.  The orchid santuary at the top is called Finca Dracula Orchid Sanctuary.  go to  for some info.  There’s some basic driving directions at the bottom of the page.The guy i did the trip with was John (married to Robin).  Don’t know if you know him/them from paddling.  They moved to Panama full time a year or two ago after their twins were born.  His website is and there is a contact page if you want to get in touch with him.  They might be good folks to hook up with when you get to Panama.  I tried to email him with the address I have, but it isn’t any good anymore.  He could probably tell you about the guy who did the carvings and where his shop is.  Best I remember, it was just a basic building off the road on the drive there.

 From Q’s  French Canadian Friend

In Panama Euro Hotel. In the center of Panama City with a parking close under the hotel with a security guide at the door. You have free internet in the lobby, restaurant in the hotel, AC, pool close with wal but without roof, clean complete bath room for 24 $US. here is the e-mail adresse and adress, I also have phone number :  Via espana#33, antes de la entrada del colegio Javier. It is pretty easy to find.